Consultancy Services

What Is Consultancy?

Consultancy gives what the companies need most, the extra time. While the knowledge is somewhere out there, searching, finding, learning, implementing it is a work that takes serious time. A good consultant does not give you something that nobody knows, he/she gives you the time you would lose while finding the knowledge you seek. A bad consultant instead makes you lose time and money.


Consulting companies ensure that the knowledge and experience gained by the person or people who are experts in their field are transferred to the places they serve within a specified time, to be successful with a method suitable for the desired job. The important thing in this situation; having professional, experienced individuals as consultants for the work asked by the company.

Export Management

Conditions of competition are getting tougher and tougher day by day for the companies that seek new markets, but it is not that difficult to reach tempting global markets as you might think! Nokta Investment Turkey, which offers unique services to companies in Turkey to enhance their sales-related activities, is also with you abroad with its global sales experience.


With export projects specially developed for companies that trust in their products and want to reach new customers abroad, Nokta Investment can handle the end-to-end process tracking while you focus on your production!

Export Consulting

To be in export activities and being successful, necessitates a successful management of multidisciplinary process. Because export includes many different actions and each one of these actions determines success of the next process. At the same time, being affected by the fluctuations in the country's economy at minimum level and reducing the existing risks are the elements that included in this process. Well, is it possible to achieve successful export activities by managing this process, every step of which is of great importance? Of course, it is possible if you take advantage of export consultancy services which will guide you in this field! There are also analysis studies within export consultancy services. As correct analysis opens the way of developing correct strategies, these steps make it possible for you to reach your goals in the shortest way. At the same time, the data obtained in these analysis studies form the basis of studies such as project activity schedule and business plan.


Nokta Investment is an international export consultancy company, which was established to provide support to companies that want to import and export from small and medium-sized businesses in Turkey. The aim of the company is to provide consultancy services to businesses in order to ensure that businesses can continue their activities without being damaged by domestic economic fluctuations. Also, the company offers services such as increasing the product capacity of SMEs, increasing their productivity, and ensuring that they achieve successful results in export activities. Another goal of export consultants is that reducing the risks to a minimum level by dividing the target market risk for the SMEs.

Our Export Consultancy Service

Nokta Investment Export Consultancy service starts by conducting a detailed market research in the world markets to determine the foreign markets for the companies. Our consultancy service, which we provide by examining the export data related to the products, continues by making detailed examinations to the companies on issues such as product supply in international markets, demand, competition, target market determination based on numbers, and presenting these reviews to the company in the form of a report.The next step is foreign customer relations. The consultant continues to work by creating client lists of potential buyers, communicating with selected potential clients, and making presentations that introduce the company.


In the presentation, the company, its products, strength, offer, are conveyed to potential buyers. When the agreements are made and the current export transactions are implemented, the product gets sold. At all these stages, the export consultant continues to provide consultancy services to businesses on issues such as payment collection, delivery of sold products, preparation of consignment documents, logistics operations. All businesses that want to do international trade, say they will export in foreign markets, or want to develop their existing commercial activities can benefit from our export consultancy service.

Benefits Of Recieving Export Consultancy Service

  • Foreign trade import and export processes are managed and maintained in a systematic way without any disruptions.
  • When the export consultant of the business is out of the way, together with the foreign trade team our export consultant can easily manage the business, from wherever the business' export consultant left off.
  • Thanks to the customer lists given to the company by the export consultant regarding foreign customer relations, the business does not encounter the problem of finding customers. And customer relations are managed in a systematic way.
  • As company gains new customers, it also makes new sales which increases the overall sales of the business.
  • Thanks to the prearranged reports for the company, the company can easily promote itself and its product, and can easily make an offer to its customers.
  • In addition, the business can be efficient at trade expos as support is provided to businesses at trade expos due to export consultancy services.

Businesses that want to be able to trade in international markets and to be informed about current commercial developments should definitely seek service from expert export consultants. You can also benefit from export consultancy service at the point of identifying potential importer and distributor companies. We are also involved in communicating effectively with these companies and conducting a comprehensive and detailed study such as meeting the demands of the companies and which companies are interested in your export activities.


You can benefit from the advantages of our consultancy services not only for the smooth completion of your activities, but also for the smooth execution of sales activities. You can also benefit from export consultancy services in order to reach the target audience in the shortest way in B2B, B2C, B2G, B2M fields. In this service we offer, our aim in the most general way is to transform your export activities into a functioning mechanism It is not enough to establish a management system in foreign trade. Making this management system work is also among our goals. We are aware of the points at which entrepreneurs have difficulties and make mistakes in establishing a system for export activities. We are with you in all steps that will enable you to establish a functioning mechanism in the light of our experience in the sector. We ensure that you have access to all the competencies that will enable you to bring new customers to your company. As a result, instead of incurring time and financial losses with unsuccessful export attempts, receiving professional export consultancy service allows you to reduce all existing risks. It shortens your path to success! For detailed information, contact Nokta Investment.