Who Are We?

Nokta Investment Who Are We?

Nokta Investment Sale and Marketing departments are the most important guides for the businesses that want to reach their goals.

Right Business Policy

Even if you produce or procure a very ambitious No matter how ambitious is the product you produce or procure, your company might have some serious financial problems if your product is not conducted through universal strategic marketing laws and sales process. But when a sales policy implemented correctly and process management is strictly followed from start till the end, company can be developed much faster and customer satisfaction and loyalty can be acquirable easily.


In a market that relentless conditions of competition are getting tougher and tougher each day, lowering personnel costs is one of the most important austerity measures. Also, when people management is added on top of the company's routine works, a serious time and effort loss happens. To provide an opportunity of improving company's available products and discovering new products, removal of cost and responsibility of the employed sales personnel, we offer you a goal oriented and evaluable sales management by making a wider perspective of sectoral analysis.

For You;

Furthermore, we make this happen with our professional sales crew.

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Founder & CEO

I would like to thank to my teammates and all our stakeholders who work sincerely to achieve the goals we have set together.

Our Mission

Our main principle is generating proper solutions for who prefers us and establishing a fast, honest, healthy communication. Because Nokta Investment does not think of its relations for a short term. We know that you know how reassuring it is when you need to work with us. You know that we always think the best for you.

Our Vission

Increasing people's welfare by finding proper solutions with our abilities and energy in every zone we operate in, Taking domestic production into an international extent in the direction of our country's goals and conveying each one of them into an export item, Believing in the ability of our domestic production and working on making gains for our national economic power in international area, are our main principles and goals.

Nokta Investment

The key to success is perceiving what is happening in the world and offering products suitable for today's needs.