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Nokta Investment Sale and Marketing departments are the most important guides for the businesses that want to reach their goals.


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About Us

Nokta Investment Sale and Marketing departments are the most important guides for the businesses that want to reach their goals.We seek to meet the expectations of our business partners at the highest level with our strong and dynamic team, along with our customer-centric service approach.

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  • Partnership

    Owning and partnering with pioneers of various sectors in Turkey and the world, two harmonious partners came together to contribute to the national economy either by having experts as workers or clients.

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  • Cooperation

    Nokta Investment, determines the standards, explores while proceeding with the vision of becoming a global player, and analyses potentially beneficial collaboration and investment opportunities to the national economy.

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  • Service

    Positioning itself as one of the pioneers of change, Nokta Investment exceptionally uses its wide variety of services, knowledge and collaboration network to achieve its goals.

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  • Scale

    Nokta Investment represents Turkey in the world by collaborating with worldwide prestigious brands.

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Our Services And Field Of Work

If you also want to sell your products or increase your sales to abroad, you can get support from Nokta Investment sales team!

How Do We Work?

  • What do we do when we start working?

    To maximize the productivity of our services as Nokta Investment, we prepare a pre-work quality report with our applicable experts of the sector.

  • How does the R&D and communication phases occur?

    While the report is being arranged, we are carrying through a detailed study of your company's products and their presence in the market. After completing the said works, we listen to your expectations and goals of the product or products that are subject to sale, during the meeting we hold with you.

  • How does the work plan and proposal stage occur?

    After the completion of this whole process, we prepare a presentational offer telling what kind of a work process we will go through with each team member, and what kind of a result we will put at the end of the work.

  • What do we do after the agreement?

    If you approve the work we will be doing, we introduce you to our team members, that will be implementing the work, and take them into a training program for them to have a deep knowledge about your company and products.

  • Who supplies the materials that our team will need?

    We provide all supplies that our team will need in the field.

  • How do we reach target companies?

    We only talk about your company and your products to the companies we get an appointment and visit. We give your catalogues and business card to the authorized person and tell them about your company.

  • What is the reporting content and frequency?

    While all this sales processes proceeding towards the set goals, we regularly send reports to you including advances about your sector, market research, feedbacks of your products that we got from your customers.

  • What do we offer you as a result?

    Briefly stated; we ensure that you hear about everything in your sector while helping you reach your goals.

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